First Aid Course

Management of Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice

Working in a dental practice exposes you to several highly specific situations where first aid may be required. Everyone should be prepared to deal with such situations, even if they are more unusual. As well as covering basic first aid skills, this course trains you on how and when to use airway adjuncts, to ensure that an airway remains open. From there, we guide you on how to use a bag valve mask and supplementary oxygen to establish a regular oxygen supply. Crucially, we also encourage you to be aware of a patient’s other medical conditions, such as asthma, and how these could have an impact. By acting on this knowledge, you can make a real difference. This is all covered in one unit entitled ‘Management of Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice’.

This course is most suitable for anyone working in a dental practice who may be called upon to provide first aid.

Course Details

  • Level 3 award
  • 1 day course
  • Practical and theory assessment

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